The food preparation and manufacturing industry is one in which WMC Inc. is very familiar with. From the beginning, WMC has maintained a strong presence in the food industry. From relocating entire food processing facilities across the country to installation of new product lines and equipment, repair and maintenance of existing equipment, WMC can provide the required services.  All WMC employees go through extensive training and educational classes before they are allowed to work in any food processing/manufacturing facility. GMP and safety training go hand in hand at WMC as with the majority of our customers. Our trained staff is overseen by highly trained and experienced supervisors with periodic on-site inspections by our full time safety director. WMC takes its involvement in the food processing and manufacturing industry very serious, as mistakes can be costly and disrupt production.  WMC takes great pride in its history within this industry and has always been at the cutting edge of innovation. As you may have noticed we did not mention specific industries or customers, why? you may ask, because we also take the confidentiality agreements we sign very seriously. WMC keeps it simple “The work we do for you, stays with you”. Let WMC help you with your next food processing project.

As union professionals, WMC millwrights have the capability to load, unload, move, install, level, align, modify, repair, and maintain all types of machinery and conveying systems (belt, table top, screw,... More